Meet Our Drivers

The Waggin Trail Express offers professional ground transport of domestic pets across the state or across the United States.

Pets travel in climate-controlled comfort and safety via late-model vehicles.

The Waggin Trail Express supplies all bedding, kitty litter pans, leashes, bowls, and food and water for the trip, (although you are welcome to send along your own pet-related items.)

Multiple animals from the same family welcome.

We only carry one family of pets per transport.

We stop every four to five hours to walk your dog(s).

Pets overnight in pet-friendly motels.

All furry passengers are under constant supervision!

Your pet relocation expenses may be tax deductible! IRS Publication #521 -- "Moving Expenses" states that pet moving is a tax-deductible relocation expense when your relocation and moving is for purposes of change of employment. Consult your tax advisor for further information.

Ren D'Anelli


(904) 924-9939

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All of our professional friendly drivers are experienced at safely transporting your pets in all types of weather and traffic conditions. But their level of expertise goes far beyond the driver seat. Each member of our team is a compassionate pet lover and experienced pet handler. Think of it as pet-sitting on wheels!

Pet Relocation Services

Adam Gresch

Jonathan Alvizo

Danielle Stalcup

Please be advised, for the safety of our drivers, we do NOT accept aggressive pets!